Offerings and prices

Questions to ask before you shop

1) Is the competition following or leading?

2) Are their prices understandable?

3) What are their upcharges and hidden extras?

4) Will they put it in writing?

Part of our goal is to improve management practices on the Western Slope through competing in the marketplace. This is why we:

1. Offer up front pricing

2. Clearly explain what you are buying

3. Have no termination fees.

We are so confident in our services that all contracts are written with a 30-day out. The bottom line is that if your manager is asking for a termination fee, it means they plan for being terminated. 

Bundle Discount: All four categories 15%


Monitoring of Architectural Standards, Issuing Enforcement Actions, Following Enforcement Policies, Resolving Disputes, and Conducting Hearings.


Scheduling Contractors, Collecting Bids, Meeting with Bidders, Developing Maintenance Schedules, Analysis of Changes to Community Assets.


Preparation of Minutes, Resolutions, Letters, and Reports. Scheduling and sending notice of meetings. Follow-up on Board Directives and provision of information necessary for decision-making.


Bookkeeping, Financial Reports, Budgeting, Reserve Study, Investment Study, Insurance Review, Recommendations and research for budget improvements.

​​Categories of Services 

Administrative     7%

Financials           10%     

Enforcement        5%

Facilities              5%

Bundled Price      15% (All four categories)

All percentages are as a portion of budgeted revenue. 

Details on what is included in these categories is found below this box.


Education for:

Board Member Training     $100 per 90 minute session

Full Membership               $200 per 90 minute session


Other Services

Research                           $30 per hour

Consultation​​                      $50 per hour, 1st hour free

​Bookkeeping Only               $200 per month, flat rate

Evidencing Violations         $25 flat fee, per service

​Submitting Violations         $25 flat fee, per service

​Reserve Study                    $1,500 flat fee

​Investment Study               $100 flat fee

Maintenance Schedule       $500 flat fee

Web Presence                    $25 per month

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